Hi, I'm Kati, and I'm so excited you've stumbled upon my little home on the internet! I pour my heart and soul into my work and I believe that it shows... and that's what attracts my clients to me.

I'm from Arkansas and live one block away from the house I grew up in (guess you could call me a homebody). I can't help but laugh at a bad pun, I love interior design, and I'm obsessed with clean lines and the color white. I'm also a foodie with a weak spot for charcuterie boards and cocktails, and I love Christmas so much that I don't take December weddings just so I can soak in the season as much as possible.

I'm more in love with my husband now than I was when we exchanged vows over 8 years ago, and I'm grateful every day that we are parents to the most amazing little boy. Every month I count down the days until book club with my best girlfriends, I Facetime wayyyy too much with my sisters, and Sundays are strictly reserved for QT with my family. It's a good life, y'all – let's be friends.

Meet Kati


Enneagram Type: 

I can't live without my:

On days off, I love to:

Alternative dream job: 

Early bird or night owl: 


One, the loyal perfectionist
     family... and chapstick
   go to dinner & travel
     Interior Designer
     neither - I love to sleep!

These are a few 

my husband & our little boy   •  organic & loose bouquets  •  couples who write their own vows  •  family vacations  •  confident women  •  getting film scans in  •  charcuterie boards  •  belly laughs  •  confetti & string lights  •  everything about Christmas  •  unplugged weddings  •  snail mail  •  first looks  •  Sunday brunch  •  joyful brides  •  sentimental grooms  •  happy people

of my favorite things

My style is warm and joyful, timeless and relaxed. I'm a big believer in authenticity, and I love photos where my clients look and feel exactly like the best versions of themselves - nothing exaggerated or pretend. My goal for every photograph is to capture real relationships, real emotions, and real memories (not just a photo for Pinteret's sake), and I don't really believe in retouching 'cause I think you're beautiful just as you are. 

I am a hybrid photographer, which means I shoot on both film and digital cameras. Film is my true love, and I'm smitten with the colors and tones, the buttery-soft look, and the intimacy that shooting on film gives me during a wedding or session. It forces me to slow down and really think about each shot, and it's a timeless medium of photography my clients love. I also shoot digitally in fast-paced or low-light situations. I edit my digital images to match the tones of my film ones, so you probably won't be able to tell a difference when looking at the two unless you have a trained eye!