I started shooting weddings shortly after I got married nearly a decade ago. I fell in love with photography and the legacy that wedding images have. Getting to know couples and documenting the beginning of their marriage is something truly precious to me – I love telling each story in a beautiful way. Knowing that these photographs will outlive us and that they'll be cherished by future generations brings me so much pride. For that reason, I strive to create photos that will stand the test of time.

I'm from Arkansas and live one block away from the house I grew up in (guess you could call me a homebody). I'm a foodie with a weak spot for charcuterie boards + cocktails, and I love Christmas so much that I don't take December weddings just so I can soak in the season as much as possible. Yes, twinkle lights are my jam.

My husband is my best friend, and I'm grateful every day that we are parents to the most amazing little boys. Every month I count down the days until supper club with my best friends, I call my sisters wayyyy too much, and Sundays are strictly reserved for QT with my family. It's a good life, y'all – let's be friends.

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I never planned on growing up and becoming a wedding photographer, but now that I’m here it makes perfect sense. As a little girl, I told everyone I wanted to be an artist someday. After college, I landed a job as an art director at an ad agency. While I did love my job, I still dabbled in different creative outlets on the side. I dabbled in cake decorating for a bit before buying a camera and teaching myself photography. When John and I got engaged I decided to splurge on our dream photographer, knowing full well that the photos were the most important thing to me – I have never regretted that decision! The moment I saw our wedding photos, I realized being a wedding photographer was something I was created to do. It’s so much more than taking pretty pictures… it’s creating prices heirlooms for generations to cherish. 

I shot my first weddings in 2013 and was able to go full-time in January of 2014. Over the years, I have photographed hundreds of weddings and traveled all over the world for this incredible job! I still pinch myself that I get to do what I love for a living. 


My style focuses on joyful, dreamy, romantic images full of beautiful light and natural emotion. I look for good light everywhere I go, and if I’m behind a camera there’s a good chance I’ll let out a squeal of delight when the delicious light comes out! I love photos where my clients look and feel like the best versions of themselves – my goal for every photograph is to capture real relationships, real emotions, and real memories.

I am a hybrid photographer, which means I shoot on both film and digital cameras. Film is my favorite medium, and I'm in love with the dreamy colors, the buttery-soft look, and the intimacy that shooting on film gives me. It forces me to slow down and think about each shot, and it's a timeless medium of photography my clients love. I also shoot digitally in fast-paced or low-light situations. I edit my digital images to match the tones of my film ones, so you probably won't be able to tell a difference when looking at the two unless you have a trained eye!


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