2019 Goals & ‘Word of the Year’


One of my goals for 2019 was to actually sit down and MAKE some freaking goals! 2018 was kind of a blur… I was learning how to be a mama and how to balance my business, and I was doing whatever it took to make it through! I did a lot of growing and learning last year, and definitely have some things that I want to continue doing this year (as well as some things that didn’t work out so well). Overall though, I am SO proud of the things I accomplished in 2018.

All that to say, last year I didn’t have goals yet it was still the best year ever. However, I did feel a little lost of direction. So this year I knew I wanted to create some overall goals, as well as find an official word of the year.

my 2019 word of the year is


There are so many things that the word represents to me. The first is just to be present and focus on the moment at hand. Last year was full of distractions, and I felt like I wasn’t giving myself 100% to my work when I had the time – instead, I would clean my house or play on social media or catch up with friends and family while Jack was at daycare. This year, I really want to carve out time to get work done when he’s gone, so that I can focus on him & John when we’re all together. I’m taking less newborn sessions so that I have actual time to WORK when he’s away, so that should help a ton! I also want to carve out one day a week where I don’t make lunch plans or session plans, and can sit at home and knock stuff out that needs to get done.

I want to focus on what makes me happy. I want to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and saying, and start doing more of what feels right to me. This is something I’m already fairly good at doing, but I always think there’s room for improvement. I have gotten good at saying no to work that I’m not passionate about and work that I don’t have time for. BUT I am not good at saying no to the endless distraction of social media and the constant comparison game that comes with it.

I want to focus on surrounding myself with people who are good to me, who build me up and who encourage and support me. I’m a ‘words of affirmation’ person, and I know it sucks to have to admit that I NEED encouragement… but I do. This year I’m hoping to surround myself with people who actually are invested in me. People who care about me. At the end of the day, it’s so much more about quality than quantity of the friends you’re surrounded by!

To sum it up, I want 2019 to be the year when I focus on family when it’s time for family. Focus on work when it’s time for work. Focus on my happiness instead of what I feel I should do in order to look successful. I think it’s going to be pretty great!

goals for 2019

• learn / play / shoot more film
– mentor session with Brooke Whitney Photography in March
– wedding mentor session with someone (in the works) this summer
– sign up for Belle Luminaire Magazine
– shoot a few rolls of film at sessions and weddings (if possible)
– continue educating clients about the beauty of film
– incorporate film shots in website

• prioritize Sunday as family day
– say no to sessions on Sundays
– put phones away on Sundays (a big one)

• try to stay somewhat thin (haha)
– eat more colors
– go on 3-4 walks a week, if not more
– don’t eat everything in sight

• spend less time on social media
– delete Facebook on phone
– set daily timers for time spent on Instagram
– post regularly to Facebook and Instagram for my business
– put away phones on Sundays, and stay off phone when Jack is home

• Keep website up to date
– aim for blogging at least once a week
– merge newborn website & wedding website for less confusion
– update website with film shots

• elevate family photography
– mentor session with Brooke Whitney Photography in March
– work on wardrobe guide for all family clients
– do beach family sessions in May
– focus on composition, connections, and authenticity

• take personal photos
– keep “big” camera where it’s easily accessible
– get a CF card specifically for family photos
– snap iPhone photos too!

• streamline film workflow
– get final packages out in timely manner
– figure out the best way to organize film + digital images for sessions

• house updates
– new windows in front of house
– can lights in den? Paint den?

• rebuild personal wardrobe
– buy clothes that look good on me and that are versatile and comfortable for my lifestyle
– invest in quality over quantity

Do any of these goals resonate with you? I’d love some encouragement and feedback if you have any thoughts! Happy 2019!

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